Decoding the New Age Consumer, And Planting the right brand bomb!

Gone are the days where a woman was shown multitasking and her husband and children would offer her pain relief gels to show how much they care. Caring to an independent, new age woman is all about sharing! Sharing the responsibility of household chores, kids and even finances because she believes in sharing the load too!

The target audience has evolved and so has the brand communication. Whether it’s the social media virals, television ads or Bollywood movies, everyone’s trying to woo the lady in his/her own way. While some brands tell her that it’s okay to get married late, there are others who stress on the fact that motherhood is not necessarily the essence of womanhood. And there are some brands who reassure her that it’s completely okay for her to work while her husband can take care of the house. And why not, when role-reversal has been part of many households. It’s just the societal pressure that never let the cat out of the bag.

Brands are saying exactly what today’s woman wants to hear. And that’s when she goes and picks your brand because you have been successful in reinforcing her beliefs.

Check out the new ads where the cricketers are flaunting their mother’s name on their jerseys telling women that the world is finally changing!

This is where human insights play a big role where you don’t just see what she needs, but how she feels, when she feels what she feels.

Look at the cultural, technological and financial evolution. Same things are now seen in a new light. Your mode of transport is still a cab but it’s now a click away. Slowly the brand communication will have to spell out higher levels of satisfaction. From convenience to comfort to you never know, even luxury! You’ll not only get a cab in few seconds at your doorstep but you’ll also be able to send an important email while you’re riding! And that’s when your brand becomes the most preferred, the favorite one!

The Mumbai local train still takes an hour and a half to reach but now time flies as you watch 2-3 episodes of your favorite serial on the go!!! There was a time when middle class ladies would cut vegetables in the train to save their time. But now neatly cut vegetables packed in polythene bags give these women time to breathe and relax! Brands can now occupy her “more receptive” mind space!

Kids are still the little innocent, little naughty beings that you’ve known for so long. They still play hide & seek as much as they play with their play stations- believe it or not! But these days they actively decide the color of the new car you’re short-listing and many times even the brand you must choose! They have a say in the house even at the age of 8! They know more about the tablet than you or I do! And they might even tell you why you must choose Hong Kong as your next holiday destination!

And yes, men will be men!!! They’ll still call their friends home for a football match at odd hours, forget the anniversary date, but you’ll also see lot of them entering the kitchen more often than they usually do. And this time not just to get the cold drink out of the refrigerator but to show off their cooking skills while creating their own versions of recipes of Master Chef Australia!!! You might even spot them in super markets picking avocado, broccoli and salad dressings!

It’s all about seeing the same old consumers in a new light. There’s a drastic change in the lifestyle of consumers in the last few years.

Brands must take a sneak peek into the same consumer’s new life, new formed habits, new behavioural patterns and draft a communication that instantly resonates with the new age, evolved consumer.

They don’t need quick and simple recipes. All they want is the ease of making the most exotic dishes!

Travelling is not just about exploring a new place or relaxing, it’s about telling the world that you’re on an exciting adventure! They may not want ‘upma’ for breakfast but they want “healthy” variety of pasta!

Brands need to carefully get into the heads of these consumers and plant bomb of a communication in the most subtle and simple way!

This scoop is by Alvina Panjikar- Creative Director & Brand Strategist, Sparks India.

Sparks India is a scientific and TG driven brand consultancy and design agency. For queries, questions and other information write to– / mobile: 9820252019

*brand bombs is an official trademark of Sparks India, this knowledge

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