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Forever and Ever!

The average lifespan of a company listed in the S&P 500 index of leading US companies has decreased by more than 50 years in the last century, from 67 years in the 1920s to just 15 years today, according to Professor Richard Foster from Yale University. So how does a company live forever and ever? How does a consumer’s love for a brand/company last forever?

What comes to your mind when one says Mumbai Marathon? It’s Standard Chartered, because that’s the biggest Marathon people wait for, practise for, and proudly participate in! That’s the power of creating a property that’s owned by a brand and that goes on and on for years, creating a special place in people’s hearts and minds. We study your brand and create a strong brand property that seamlessly coincides with your brand positioning and identity to help your brand making a lasting impression and higher recall.



“The First Impression!”

It’s the first meeting, the first walk, the first talk! The first experience is always a memorable one! It’s the first thing you fall for!

Brand identity is definitely the first point of interaction for every brand. When a single alphabet ‘M’ becomes synonymous with the kind of burgers you have, and an apple becomes the biggest tech brand ever, it clearly establishes the power of brand identity. Brand identity goes beyond logos into the hearts and minds of people. At Sparks India, brand identity for us is what people see, say, believe and spread. We believe it’s the most critical thing that needs to be done with utmost simplicity! From logo invention to logo maturation or restoration to fun and exciting taglines to contemporary stationery that will reflect your brand, we take care of all aspects of a perfect brand identity that will make a good first impression on your consumer!



Romanticizing the office ambience!

We live in a relative world. Once we’ve created a comfort zone we ‘belong to it and it belongs to us’. This is very fundamental.We reserve a seat in the movie theatre and immediately feel a sense of ownership. The moment we enter a comfort zone, that becomes ours- It’s ‘MY’ seat! People working in the corporate world live with the same feeling. They all have certain values, culture and a particular sense of belonging to a typical mind-set. Mind sets differ with the differentiation in the styles of management and working. It’s important for every organization to spark up the romance between the employees/associates/clients and the company’s values and culture because they’re your true brand ambassadors! We invest so much into getting the right spaces for branding when we have free spaces right at our disposal! Imagine if your office space is converted into hi-impact visual corporate philosophy, where right from the walls to the pillars to the glass doors, every nook and corner of your office brings your brand alive. It’s the most effective way of communicating your brand and its philosophy to your work force, associates and clients. The most natural branding happens when your work place & work force epitomizes your brand. The strong visual message makes your work force imbibe brand ethics, philosophy thereby increasing loyalty, clarity and sense of belonging at all levels. Our expert ‘Interior Branding team will convert your work place into a living brand experience.

They say walls have ears, they can hear,




For the love of the Virtual World!

When we post a status or a picture, all we do is eagerly wait until someone pops a lovely comment in our favour! These are some lovely moments of anticipation that every person out there on Facebook, what’s app or twitter goes through! If you’re not active on social media or are not aware of certain things that happen on these platforms, you may attract popping eye-balls!

Brands think more or less the same way. Having a Facebook page is almost equal to owning a store!!!  Moreover validation from the virtual world has become extremely critical for brands these days. Whether it’s creating a digital face of the brand through websites or simply having a facebook page to create a constant brand recall and to interact with the audience one on one, going digital has become crucial. Our digital team will research on the platforms that our apt for your brands and offer you a thoughtful and realistic digital strategy. Don’t just Go Digital, Think Digital!



One noodle brand says I’ll be ready in two minutes and another says even if you’ve me after couple of hours of making, I’ll still taste the same! One shampoo brand says I’ll make you hair silky and another says I’ll treat your dandruff like no other shampoo. Brands are talkative! But to make them talk the right thing at the right time is our job! The most important thing about Brand Communication is the study not only of the brands (the communicators) but also of the consumers (the listeners). And that’s exactly what we at Sparks India do. With in depth study of human behavior we dig out insightful gems to help brands communicate in the most desired manner. We help brands make their listeners aware about a new thing or present the same thing in a new light or surprise them, playfully tease them, make them happy or bring smiles on their faces and eventually win their hearts!

Brand Sales Promotion:

“Converting attraction into long term commitment”

The Art of Flirting !

Everything begins with attraction, whether it’s a new product launch or a need to clear out inventories, attract traffic or to lift up the sales temporarily. Sparks India team is well equipped to convert this attraction by filling in your sales promotion gap and bringing in return on the investments.The offline-online distinct strategy helps our customers to maximise on the sales promotion activities. Our team of sales promoters is trained well to handle any complex sales processes. Our supervisors are well experienced to handle any eventualities.

With our retainership clients we work on a continuous campaignable promotion. This keeps the consumers hooked on to our customer’s brand/product in a sustained time frame. It is without doubt a very effective and efficient strategy and an actionable plan that leads to a long term relationship between the consumer and your brand.

Sampling, trade promotions, trade deals strategy and communication plan: Our customers have immensely benefited from this strategic move. It has led to great results and market goodwill. This strategy ensures that the channel partners value the customer’s intent and develop a feel good factor with the brand or the product. It’s truly a long-term profitable strategy arising from a long term commitment!