Brand Bombs And Their Blasting Impacts

Sam came in this world for economic reasons, his father has a billion dollar business and he is required to keep it going…

He grew up with economics ruling his day to day living, what is good in value or image or style always got the welcome, and what was not, was left behind. This phenomenon was for both human beings and products.

Today his DNA is all about brands, both living and inanimate, the inanimate are more the kind he likes, they are the kind that connects  with him and they mean so much to him.

Sam cannot live without his dearest brands, they are the living images in his private spaces, he wears DKNY Golden Delicious fragrance  or Clive Christian No. 1, LOUIS VUITTON and Hermès are his heart throbs and Testoni Shoes makes his day brighter. Everything for him is the No.1 brands, from toothpaste to undergarments. Even people, he prefers to meet should carry the branded imagery. Life begins and ends with B R A N D S .

Back home to our middle –class living, Mr.Sardesai too lives with his set of brands.

He has just upgraded from Colgate to Sensodyne, similarly his wardrobe has couple of new shirt brands amongst his Peter England collections such as LOUIS PHILIPPE & MARKS & SPENCER and the TOMMY HILFIGER shirt is a gift from his uncle settled in UK.

Let’s accept, we are living in the world of brands, we live brands.

We’ve become brands. We are brands!

We want to differentiate ourselves from others in everything we do. The way we dress, the way we talk, the way we work, we want to create our own brand identity.

While human brands such as Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, have created their larger than life brand identity, there are brands such as Irfan Khan, Vidya Balan and many others who are trying to connect with the audience on a human level. Everyone is carving his/her own niche.

Look at products that have become brands in themselves. Our very own mawa cake has now got a fancy identity- “Cup Cakes” and is making appearances on Facebook and instagram in different avtaars!

The kadak chai that gives you a jump start early morning, has been replaced by a new ‘product-brand’ called “Green Tea” in many households. The craziest example is of a brand created out of the simplest product that we Indians have been having since childhood Haldi Doodh which is now the star of Starbucks abroad in the form of Turmeric Latte!!!

Can you believe how just a phrase could become a brand? Half a glass of tea became the famous “cutting chai” and when you go to the tea stalls all you’ve to say is “Ek cutting dena!!!!”

Branding is all about differentiating. What is unique is a brand. And differentiation has become a crucial part of our lives. In earlier days, naming a baby was comparatively easier process, pick up the most popular name or a bollywood star’s name! But now it’s about researching through hundreds of names online and then making sure that no other baby in your circle owns that name! And finally your baby gets a unique identity!!! Even dogs are no more tommy and snowy!

Brand identity is what creates brand affinity, recognition and higher brand recall. What is unique is what you remember first, what you talk about and what lasts forever. What this means to business is that brands are the ticket to fast business and sustainable growth.

Brands are very scientific; they reflect your business idea, your philosophy, your values and the reason for the existence. But brands need to be presented in a manner the consumers would whole heartedly accept.

Your product could be a twin brother of your competitor’s product but your brand is your brand and no one can take it away from you.

There would be lots of drinks and juices in the market but there will  be just one “Paper Boat”.

There are lots of Ayurvedic and natural products in the market, but there’s still a “Patanjali.”

And if you think you’ve a product which is extremely unique, innovative and a brand in itself, just blink once, and within no time you’ll see similar products lined up in the market.

Apple had a unique product, but what differentiated it was the unique branding.

So focus on your brand; it’s your only financial asset that increases in its value day after day.

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Article by Bernard Ribeiro – CEO, Sparks India.

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